Buying the Best Organic Baby Food- a complete guide

Buying the Best Organic Baby Food- a complete guide!

When you become a parent, you have an unsaid responsibility of choosing everything healthy for your baby and topping the list is food! The article here gives complete information about how the baby food line is divided into different stages according to the babies’ age and the type of food best formula for gassy babies. This will help you buy the Best Organic Baby food.

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Types of Baby Food

When you set out on a mission to find the best organic baby food for your baby in the market good formula for gassy baby, you will realize that baby food that is available in jars is divided into different stages and also that there are two different versions to each- a traditional version and an organic version. We will help you understand them better:

  • Foods appropriate for stage 1 (under six months)

Stage 1 foods are appropriate for babies who are just about to start with solids. Such foods are generally made out of a single ingredient and are pureed to be easily swallowed by the child. The food formulated in this stage is the most simple and does not use any sauces or additional flavourings. This means when the label says Prunes, it has just Prunes and nothing else. The popular vegetables used are Carrots, Peas, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes and Squash, while the fruits include Prunes, Bananas, Peaches, Pears and Apple Sauce. 

  • Foods appropriate for stage 2 (6 to 8 months old)

As it’s stage 2, it is an intermediate stage for babies that are 6 to 8 months old, and they are considered experienced eaters. The food in this stage is more improvised than the first stage as more than one ingredient is combined to prepare something interesting, tasty, and different in texture. The food is not as pureed as it is in the first stage but has a smooth texture that makes it easier to swallow for the babies that fall in this category. The popular combination of ingredients is chicken and rice or chicken and Apples; the user does not have to open two different jars in such cases. They can enjoy two different ingredients in a single pack.

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  • Foods appropriate for Stage 3 (7 to 9 months and up)

The foods in this stage are appropriate for babies that are 7 to 9 months old and up. These babies are learning to chew their food with their gums or growing teeth. The foods in this stage are chunkier in texture and large to keep up with the growing appetite of the growing babies, like Lemon chicken or vegetable blend.

  • Foods appropriate for Stage 4 (12 months and older)

The food in this stage is suitable for toddlers or older babies and has much more texture than those in previous stages. Several companies offer food for this stage which is ready to heat meal full of nutrients and is a perfect choice for families travelling and are on the go. The meals available in this stage are convenient and meant for comfortable children with a fork and spoon.

The other options of food available for babies are Juice, Cow’s milk and homemade baby food.  

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The Different SEO Analysis Tools

It is important to distinguish between the different categories of tools because they do not all have the same functions, and as a result, some complement each other while others can be duplicated.

Free SEO Tools

Free is a strong argument when you are at the head of a small business, a blog, or when you want to limit the budget allocated to your website. If this is your case, you will be happy to know that there is an abundance of free SEO tools. The user can be totally or partially free. For having tried a lot of them, I suggest that you treat only those that seem really relevant to me.

Google Search Console

It is essential to use to follow the evolution of its traffic from Google. This free SEO tool made available to webmasters by the search engine giant allows you to trace the origin of your visitors from organic traffic, identify the queries that led to your pages and see the evolution of their positioning.

You can make a manual indexing request for your pages in case the Google robots are missed.

As if that wasn’t enough, Google’s free SEO tool also helps identify your backlinks (referring domains). However, it does not provide data about the value of these links. For a free tool, we will largely be satisfied with it.

Google Analytics

Another free SEO tool from the biggest search engine: Google Analytics. It allows you to analyze your website traffic. We no longer present it, and for that, I will not go on forever on this subject. Google Analytics informs you in particular on time spent by users, the bounce rate, the number of page views… In short, it is a major ally in traffic analysis. It offers the possibility of adapting the content of the pages of your site to the behavior of the users.

Speed ​​Insights Page

Page Speed ​​Insights is a website speed analysis tool. The Google algorithm takes into account the loading speed of sites to establish its ranking. In general, a site that loads slowly leads to a bad experience for its users. By measuring the loading speed of your site via Google Speed ​​Insights, you will have access to a multitude of solutions to improve your score. The tool allows you to judge the performance of your site on mobile and computer. It is also essential to check that its website is functional. The solutions provided by Page Speed ​​Insights are often quite technical, and if caching, Jquery and CSS are not familiar to you, you will need to go through plugins to apply its recommendations.

SEO tools: a keyword research guide

Keyword research is useful for many reasons. It allows you to know the questions and requests of your target, the positioning of your competitors, and to define yours.

Google Keyword Planner (free) (available if you have a Google Ads account)

This tool offered by Google helps you find the right keywords for your Ads campaign: you can serve your ads to the audience you want.

Its use is simple; you type in the search bar of the tool the expressions, terms, semantic fields related to your business, your project, your product, and the keyword planner will drop you a list of relevant keywords for your activity. Once this step is done, you can add its keywords to your advertising strategy, finalize, and launch your online advertising campaigns.

Following the creation of your Google Ads account. You will have access to various and varied actions (such as creating ads, analyzing your ads, establishing budgets, and the one we are interested in here: planning your keywords).

Completely accessible, you will have access to a large panel of keywords that will give you ideas for content creation. It also allows you to position yourself on your specific keywords, thanks to the proposal of terms close to what you type in the internal search bar.

However, it does not make it possible to distinguish the search volume according to the type of device (mobile, pc, etc.). But other tools allow you to.

Do not hesitate to use other tools in addition to your Google Ads account; it will only be beneficial to you.

SemRush (exists in free version) 

SEMRush is an essential tool for tracking SEO trends in your industry. It provides you with the most used keywords but also specific, for example, by those used by your competitors and leaders in your industry. Thus, if well used, you will be able to appear among the sites better positioned on Google. It is a very complete and powerful tool; it is a must-have to manage all of your natural referencing: among its (many) features, you can:

  • know all the keywords used in your sector
  • give you ideas for content to create and keywords to use
  • get detailed information about your competition.

AnswerThePublic (free)

This platform helps you to know the questions that Internet users ask themselves, according to the keywords you use.

It will also help you imagine new relevant content: it’s ideal for giving you ideas for content that will answer the questions most frequently asked by Internet users and thus to position you and redirect traffic to your site.

Ubersuggest (free)

Ubersuggest is a well thought out tool that will tell you the volume of keywords you enter in the internal search bar. You will know the relevance and interest of Internet users for them and will suggest associated keywords.

It is an intuitive, fast, and efficient tool. So go ahead, test it!