The Different SEO Analysis Tools

It is important to distinguish between the different categories of tools because they do not all have the same functions, and as a result, some complement each other while others can be duplicated.

Free SEO Tools

Free is a strong argument when you are at the head of a small business, a blog, or when you want to limit the budget allocated to your website. If this is your case, you will be happy to know that there is an abundance of free SEO tools. The user can be totally or partially free. For having tried a lot of them, I suggest that you treat only those that seem really relevant to me.

Google Search Console

It is essential to use to follow the evolution of its traffic from Google. This free SEO tool made available to webmasters by the search engine giant allows you to trace the origin of your visitors from organic traffic, identify the queries that led to your pages and see the evolution of their positioning.

You can make a manual indexing request for your pages in case the Google robots are missed.

As if that wasn’t enough, Google’s free SEO tool also helps identify your backlinks (referring domains). However, it does not provide data about the value of these links. For a free tool, we will largely be satisfied with it.

Google Analytics

Another free SEO tool from the biggest search engine: Google Analytics. It allows you to analyze your website traffic. We no longer present it, and for that, I will not go on forever on this subject. Google Analytics informs you in particular on time spent by users, the bounce rate, the number of page views… In short, it is a major ally in traffic analysis. It offers the possibility of adapting the content of the pages of your site to the behavior of the users.

Speed ​​Insights Page

Page Speed ​​Insights is a website speed analysis tool. The Google algorithm takes into account the loading speed of sites to establish its ranking. In general, a site that loads slowly leads to a bad experience for its users. By measuring the loading speed of your site via Google Speed ​​Insights, you will have access to a multitude of solutions to improve your score. The tool allows you to judge the performance of your site on mobile and computer. It is also essential to check that its website is functional. The solutions provided by Page Speed ​​Insights are often quite technical, and if caching, Jquery and CSS are not familiar to you, you will need to go through plugins to apply its recommendations.